Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flats Carp

I can't get enough. The eats are what makes it so damn fun. The carp were in really skinny water this afternoon eating fry and what looks like small baby catfish. Great numbers of youngters on the fly today. I also obverved them doing something I havn't seen before. They would almost crawl into water that would just cover there back and sit. Just sit motionless. I blew out a couple that were actually behind me when I was wading calf deep, so I backed off to dry ground/shore and started watching them. They would literally NOT move and ambush from that position. I caught two or three this way. If you put the fly on there nose they would literally explode on it. Some cool shit out there!

The day dodn't start all that great though. I set up first this morning on a high pressured city creek that has some really shy fish. It's always worth a shot as they are excellent quality, good clear water and usually morning eaters. Down side, almost zero backcast room and not so great high banks that make it easy for the fish to bust you so one needs to be creative to put it all together. Getting them to go is not easy to do but well worth the effort and pay off when everyhting lines up. There were a few quality fish tailing good but I couldn't feed one to save my life. Between the striat up refusals, missed shots and the grabby willows that always seem to screw me I had to take a deep breath and call it about 2pm. The window there is about 9-11 so I gave it a longer than I should have and hit the road to the lake flats.

Hang on man!


Mark Kautz said...

Hey David. I don't think I've ever seen an orange dragonfly. About that catching the bush thing, it gives you a lot of practice doing a roll cast.


David McKenzie said...

Those Dragons are very common, Suprised you havn't seen one.

testflycarpin said...

Nice write up. Those shallow snoozers are funny when they suddenly wake up and explode on the fly. I dont know about you, I almost soil myself everytime it is so startling.

John Montana said...

Good P says "the take is the premier moment" and that basically sums up carp fishing for me. The rest is mostly window dressing.

David McKenzie said...