Monday, August 1, 2011

This is Fly Magazine

Go check out the new issue..The huge brookies and ridiculous Triggers were some highlights for me. Link is on the side bar.

I went and watched some fish this afternoon. Didn't cast on em. I hammered them pretty hard yesterday. I just wanted to swing by watch em for a while and plan my next move. Hell thats half the fun! This area is tough. No access on the far side you see in the photo and the good side leaves you high in the open to clear water fish. Saw several good fish layed up in the afternoon sun. I broke two off yesterday to concrete that were excellent quality. It's a rich enviroment and grows some beautiful fish. Some unsusual hybrid fish as well, with a few true Koi in certian areas.  Hit another place and stuck one pretty little fish pretty quick. Pretty dead there over all though. Had only three or four shots in a couple of hours ending up with the one.


Carlos Rubio said...

nice carps! and nice pictures of your blog !
But, you catch it with foam bugs??
good fishing
Carlos, from Spain

David McKenzie said...


I havn't cast foam bugs at carp. I might have to give it shot!

Blake said...

it is good to let a pool rest a few days after stickin quite a few fish