Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

My third annual solo trip to Lake Pyramid has come and gone. I had great two days of fly fishing up there. What a special place where 20in trout are an anoyance and passed up regularly looking for bigger fish. I hope to make one final run on em before the season ends. The fishing wasn't as good for size as previous trips but numbers were good. I sight fished shallow bays and flats for cruising fish the whole time except for a couple of hours when I threw a sinking line off a steep break. I caught fish doing that but the sight fishing is so much more fun for me. Weather was calm and warm which made for tougher than normal, but challenging skinny water sight fishing. Fish were a little jumpy and cast had to be good and long. I fished some wooly worm flies but small clousers in Olive/Black White/Chart and Tan/white is what I stuck with. They are aesy to cast and the fish there kill em!! Paul tied me up half a doszen and they destroyed them in one day. These fish are toothy and, they ate those flies well. Especially the bigger fish. It's really a unique way to fish and the fish are just stunningly beautiful and big. I had close to 20 fish in the 20 inch class yesterday alone. I can't think of to many places where thats possible with in driving distance of my home. Plus,the scenery is on a spiritual level. I stayed away from mid lake beaches that had ladder line ups of anglers and had whole mile long beaches to my self with only one human encounter in two days of fishing! I was ok with that. It was an excellent time. I threw in blooper shot...self taken hero shots are not easy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Gill on the fly

Stumbled onto a few nice Blue Gill last weekend. Gotta love those things!