Friday, May 13, 2016

Fishin report

 It has been a while since I had posted anything. Ive been busy with a million other things and just cannot seem to find a minute to sit down.  Fishing has been up and down. Some weeks are good, others hammered by wind. I fish a lot of big open water on both fresh and salt and the spring north wind has been beating us to death this year in Central California.

My main targets this spring have been bay Stripers.. I did spend a week in the motherload area of the sierra foothills for bass. Fishing was a good and the scenery in April is hard to beat. The numbers of stripers on San Francisco have not been anything to write home about but the quality has been fantastic.  Carp, bass and Trout are all in my near future... Shad started off with good numbers of nice fish and fizzled out this last week. I will try and get back on them this weekend.

Gold rush era Chimney from a miners cabin on the Merced River

Stanislaus River Smallie

Coosa Bass aka Erd Eye bass from the Lower Stanislaus

New Melones Spottted bass

My new baby

Tulloch Reservior

2016 American Shad

San Francisco Bay Striper

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring fishin

Fishing is good. Weather is a fantastic.  Fishing from the SF Bay beaches and rocks for Stripers has been soilid this Spring if you can time the tides areas together. That can be a challenge when good areas are 30 miles apart. Traffic around here can make it tough.  We need a couple of fronts to bring some more rain this way but it has been an OK winter and much better than previous.. If the ocean would calm down when I want to get out there i'm sure the fishing is good on the reefs. Enjoy your Easter.

San Francisco Bay


Fat bay Striper

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bring on the rain!

After a really warm February with the average daytime temps in the high 70s we are finally getting a a couple of systems back to back that have something.Its been coming down all day. Love it!

Fishing has been off and on this year. Some trips are good some tough as nails. Carp on the fly has been solid though and I have not skunked yet this year. They are spawning on some areas but early for the large inland reservoirs and river carp.

Steelhead has been non existent the last month if I count the one trip. Lots of good sized Pike Minnow to grab streamers and couple of dink steelhead but that was it my friends..

We spent a couple of beautiful weather weekends at our cabin to unwind and catch up on chores..well, chores are still there. Next time right?

Drove down the coast last weekend..It was a perfect California day in the mid 70s..popped in on a Elephant Seal colony..They are massive creatures..It was interesting. Also had saw guy standing on a 300 ft cliff. Singing a song with a rabbit on is head. You just don't see that everyday and when you do, it must be documented. I'm thinking mushrooms Ha..

Urban Carp has been great all winter..

Monterey Bay. Ca

The other Trash fish?!

Big Sur, and hour so south of me is arguably some of the most beautiful coastline
you will ever encounter

Moro Bay, Ca

A 2 TON Bull Elephant Seal hauling out. Big Sur..


Rare dude with a rabbit on his head sighting


Sunday, January 24, 2016

January fishing

This has been a fantstic Winter.  Fronts rolling through about 4-5 days bringing rain and snow to the Sierra. It's fabulous and a welcome sight. Now if we can get three or four of these winters in a row we will be in good shape. Thats a lot to ask for I know so we shall see..

Fishing has been slow and steady. Few trout here and there and a couple of Steelhead swinging streamers so far. The two Steelhead were really rewarding fish. Both came at the end of a long day of casting..It sure makes the two hour ride home totally worth it!!

 Carp on the fly is still going good if you know where to look.  Getting  roughly a dozen shots a session with about half that landed on a good day. Some days its zero. They are spooky and difficult to feed but when it goes right and they make a move to the flats they will eat. Its been hard to find clear days and that is the hardest part.

Enjoy the winter!

1st Carp of  2016

1st steelhead of years day

A nice Hen on the same river a week later