Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Northern Sierra's

Plumas County to be exact. It's the area of Northern California where the Cascad range to the north touchs the Sierra's. It has a rich flora and beautiful back country with some of the best fishing in the west for lot's of different spiecies which is a huge draw for me.. And it's not to far from home.  I usually spend some time up there in the Fall, and will again this year, but wanted to get away for a few days and jumped at the chance.  I stayed at Lake Almanor but I didn't actually fish Almanor this trip. Infact I didn't even bring a boat. I spent the majority of my time exploring new / old creeks and lakes that I normally mis while i'm up there. I'm usually so consumed with Lake Almanor, there isn't much time to do anything else.  It was a lot of fun and only wish I had a couple more days. There is a ton of water up there.  Fish included Bows, Brookies, King Salmon, Smallies and a good number of large Pike Minnows aka Squawfish on flies.

Lake Almanor. Ca with Mt Lassen in the background
This one kicks out a bunch of nice fish
but tough but not easy to get to them.
The effort is usually worth it though!

One my favorite waters EVER. Super challenging spring Cr fishing


I can think of worse ways to spend a Sat afternoon

Big Squaw

Land Locked Kings on the fly

My brother came up and we had a good time and some laughs. It was a hell of a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to getting up there ASAP.

Dan wade fishing for evening Smallies

While I was there. I kicked my tube on shore to sort of recharge. I walked down a bit of shoree line and low and behold a big school of Carp were moving in and out of a gin clear shallow cove. I really wasn't set up to target them but I had to make a few casts on a couple of fish and  got one to eat!  Unfortunatly I came up empty when I swung on it. It was interesting seeing those fish in that environment and if I had a couple of more days I know I could have got them dialed in. As it turned out I left early enough Sunday morning that I had time mid day to stop and stick a couple of Carp to cap off the trip.

Huge flat loaded with nice inside the long sweeping atoll
Some good fish milling around a deep weedy flat