Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Carps...

Had the hance to get out so I did.  I came up on a realy jice high teen fish that tried it's best to eat but I pulled the bug away and spooked her buddy in the process with my movement. I swore that fish ate but it must have been a little in front of her. I didnt get any other shots on big fish but the numbers of 10-14lb fish were excellent. Chasing Carp on the fly right now is about as good as it gets for my parts. Looks like we have a small front coming in and that should get everything going!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lahontan Cuthtroat

By far one of my favorite fish to chase. We have a handful of places to seek em out but Pyramid is probably the most productive. The lake is massive by west coast standards and remote areas to fish and camp are not hard to find. Some areas are better than others but if you spend some time there you will find your corner.  Fall/winter can pretty rewarding but the warm days of spring and sight fishing the crystal clear flats spread out all over the lake is what I really enjoy the most. I spent the last three days up there solo and here are some photos in the order I took them..Have a great rest of the week. Go Sharks!!


a nice fish cruising the shallows

west slope of the Sierras is in full bloom..

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Couple of good ones..

from today on some new water..I love it when that happens!

Recent fishing..

Spring is here and Ive been bouncing around between fly fishing for Stripers & Carp and also Bass fishing with gear. Fishing is good despite the fact that we are in the middle of a very severe drought. Weather has been weird. Two or three days of high 80s low 90s and then we are back down in the low 70s and them back up again. Everything here hinges on the Pacific. Right now we have heavy morning marine layer and shitty wind in the afternoon. Makes carpin tough but there are lots of targets so its very doable. Bigger fish from Feb and March have shifted and many have moved out or move up on the flats in short windows. Especially in the tidal zones. Small fish by hundreds are everywhere feeding aggressively with the tail of the first wave spawners. The highlight is they are eating dries. 10# cicadas and small foam hoppers. This happens every year with post spawn fish are the day or two after some decent rain.  It's a lot of fun!

fish working midges

My best fish on top so far. #10 Cicada
Stripers on the fly is really good. Delta, Bay inland lakes it's all good. Ive even heard some decent surf reports. Cant wait for the Shad and getting out on the Salt. Anyway, I'm packing and heading to Nevada for a few days to play around with Cutties and I'll hopefully have something to talk about when I get back.

Lots of average larmouth like these

A VERY cool encounter with a Golden Eagle. Its another story in itself.