Monday, January 27, 2014

Crappie assult

Winter Crappie are fun especially when it feels like May.  We have had better numbers days but the quality was great. Also a few Stripers around.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fishing update

Happy new year. Its been a stretch since I've posted so I thought I might try and cram a bunch of fishing days in. My fishing has been all over the place with local Surf, California Delta and Carp on the fly. Weather has been spectacular.  We have had a high pressure system, similar to what we see in summer, for most of the winter.  What that means is mild sunny weather with little to no off shore breeze. It's been in the 70s daily since about Christmas. What that means to fishing is everything is catch able and you'll do it comfortably in short sleeves and shorts! Since I cannot control the weather, I will just enjoy it despite the fact we are in crisis mode here in California with the lack of rain and snow on back to back years. I pray something will break soon!

Elkhorn Slough

Moss Landing, Ca

Wife with a trophy Artichoke
Carp on the fly is up one day and down the next depending on where you are. Last week I spent the day and caught one on a maybe a dozen shots. Today I found an area where they were funneling in with the outgoing tide and caught over a dozen up to 14-15lbs. Just have to get out there and make it happen. They are happy and I saw some fish daisy chaining in the shallows acting like they might want to start an early spawn. The fish I'm targeting are layed up sunning or cruisers. They will charge on well placed flies moving through the water column in there zone. A little flash really helps.  Fat hard fighting fish ranging from small scrubs up to some really nice specimens. They are (size class)running together right now.

Striper fishing has been pretty damn solid as well. Especially the Delta but the landlocked fish are eating too. Just not much size for me. I got out with Dan Blanton on his skiff recently and we did pretty good for mid January.  We followed the tide and found fish on flats and also Channel bends. It was  a lot of fun and I'll be back out there tomorrow morning.


 California Delta

Bass and Crappie are kinda slow but Ive been a getting a few every time out on Gear. Most Bass on the lakes are 25-35' with an occasional shallow fish and I suppose you could catch a few on flies but bass tackle is funner. Lots of life out on my local lake.

A local pair of Eagels