Sunday, June 21, 2015

June fishing..

has been consistent so far. Both local and in the Mt's. I am going to transition to ocean fishing for a few weeks. We have warm El Nino water up our way and that usually brings some interesting fishing on our coast. Carp on the fly is excellent for numbers but I'm just not seeing the larger fish. I'm curious if the drought may have something to do with the disappearance of the older mature fish? I had a couple of days at the cabin so I jumped over the pass and spent the day at Crowley Lake on the east side , messing with the Sacramento Perch and trout.  Perch were stacked and they were all really good size. Lots of small Bows, nice Brookies and one really nice Brown on our side of the range.

Happy fathers day!

Sonora Pass

Crowley Lake, Ca

Sacramento Perch

Mono Lake,Ca

Bridgeport, Ca

Brookie hole

crasy numbers of juvinal 3-4lb fish

Handfull of better fish in the 8-12lb class

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Central Sierra...

Good amounts of rain almost daily up here above 5K..Gosh we need it if for nothing else but fire suppression.  Fishing is solid and I'm finding some nice Browns and a few Bows.  The little bow below from a small pond near my cabin had pronounced Cutty slashes...Odd for the west slope Sierra.

Baldy fly by..

19" brown ate an olive leach