Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dry Fly Carpin

A good number of fish looking up today. We had some rain last night and warm over cast most of today,so I had a perfect window. Singles cruising around creeks mouths for anything washing down. Not much size but it really didn't matter to me since it doesn't happen very often around here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring fishin..

Mid 70s Tshirt and shorts type fishing most days for the last three weeks has opened up the flood gates and we are about half way through the first wave of spawners.  Good solid fishing for Stripers, Bass, Carp and tailwater Trout. I will soon get out on the beach and SF Bay to try and intercept some migrating Stripers and whatever else I can find.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Random fishing..

Striper and Largemouth fishing is really good just about anywhere you go. Carpin is on fire for small fish and one can really rack up some numbers of fish on the mud flat's. Bigger fish are around but usually show in better numbers after the first big waves of scrubs pull out of the spawning areas. Some areas are choked with spawners but there is plenty of legit shallow water feeders to cast too and they will eat drys really well right now.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Calm sunny day in the mid 70s made for fun day on the water. It's been so damn windy that getting out there with fy rods just isn't fun.  It had been a while so it took  a little while to get on top of some fish. The third place I checked had a good school of fat 4-5lb Stripers. They really pull for there size and we enjoyed the afternoon sticking a good number of them. Didn't find any Largemouth like I expected. Next time they are in trouble.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


A nasty cross wind all day made it tough to put flies on anything further than 20-25'. Levels were low and muddy and they wanted a big fly roght in there face. Stuck a few but this was a day that could have been great if it would have just layed down a little.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dry as a bone..

here boys and girls. We need some damn rain, and we need it bad. The hills are crunchy and a spark will light the place up with hardly any new green anywhere to be found.  Carp are happy though! A few places I went were choked full of small fish all over the place. Some feeding,  a few early spawners and some just layed up in the sun waiting for an Osprey to pick em off. Which I saw twice!  Fishing right now is solid and on places like I went yesterday and  you can really rack some numbers and have a ball on small fish if one is stealthy. I actually like going in those areas with small sticks and catch a bunch. If you blow a shot there is always another. It doesn't take the place for quality fish by any means but it definitly has and attraction to me. Sort of like small stream fishing I guess. With the lack of rain the water is gin clear and they travel in schools of a dozen or more fish with some pushing small bait fish up into the shallow cuts and weed banks.  A good one is a 6-8ler but the fun is huge. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Carp on the fly..

I started out getting ready to go chase Stripers and then I bagged it and went Carpin instead. We've had some great weather in  mid 70s  and it was in the high 50s at 5am this morning. Warm nights around here this time of year usually means they will be up in the skinny water early.  I decided today I would visit fish on water I hadn't been on in about 6 months. It's a bit of walk from the access but I could tell right away we would find some eaters. Once we got to the first set of ponds we were stoked to see tailers.

Started the day with my partner taking the first shot and getting smoked by a good one. A real solid hot fish in the high teens. I also had a shot on a good one early and the fish sort of faded away with out much interest in a heavy black bugger. One more refusal and I changed it out to a slow sinking ESL and that was the ticket. I stayed in there face long enough for them to pick it up visually, and then smack it. They were pretty agressive today but there zone was tight. Had to put it right in there facve.  He ended up going off another direction and ended up with three and dropping another. I stuck 5 or 6 with a couple of decent fish. The rest were smaller 3-4lb fish. Some days it's the other way around but today he bought the tacos on the way home.  Stripers in the morning!

little scrapper