Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Coming to an end..

Another year passed. Crazy how fast time flies. The holidays were good. We spent it in the country, had some family fun and a few fish were caught. Cannot complain!

High flying Sandhill Cranes

Slabs to be had on the fly right now. Not a great fighting fish by any means but worthy and tasty!

Couple of Bows caught on xmas day.

 Carp on the Fly is excellent in winter around here. Especially tidal/ marsh fish.  Lots of shots on clearwater cruisers. Most in the 7-10lb range this time of year with an occasional teener. Its the kind of challenging fishing I like and wait for all year long. The water cleans up and makes it much more visual and fish don't have an agenda besides food. Sunday was picture perfect for winter Carpin.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

About time ...

We have had some real rain.  Long way to go but a great start to a comeback from years of sub par rain and snow. Its been a really mild winter so far in the coastal region where I live.  Carp on the fly is as good as it gets with all the rain fall we have had.  They are comfortable and eating well.  Especially tidal/ estuary fishing.  A buddy and I got out for a couple of hours and we had plenty of shots on shallow fish on a cloudy tough sky day. With some sun we would have  smoked em.

We will see where this winter takes us but I am hopefull. I went hiking around in the Santa Cruz Mtns near home and it was as beautiful as it gets for Northern California.  Even saw a few small steelhead in the pools.

Have a great Holiday!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

forgotten blog..

It's been forever since I have posted anything.  Ive been swamped with family, work and fishing. It leaves little time to post reports. The summer was a really good despite the drought. We are getting wet fronts into the west coast now but have a long way to go before we will really see any measurable relief.  The central Sierra above 4500' fished well through out end of summer right on into the Fall. Lots of Browns, Bows,Brookies & Smallmouth. Carp on the fly the past few months had also been real consistant. I spent less time this year than the last 5 or 6 but  there were lots of fish around as recent as last week. Nights are warm and the fish love these rains so today I will get out there and look around.  Thats about it. We have made all the nessesary changes to our Cabin in Long Barn, Ca and it is making a perfect base camp for exploring the back country in the Central Sierra. Here are few random photos from the couple of months. Enjoy the rest of the Fall, keep the storms coming our way and have a fantastic Christmas!

Blacktail fork buck

sunset at the cabin

Love me some redears!

Tail water Stripers

Clarck Fork Stanislaus

San Francisco Bay Stripers from the rocks

Likely the last Brown of 2014

New favorite Brookie hole

High Country Smallie

Pumpkin orange Thanksgiving Carp

Late Sept Sonora Pass @ 10K


Sunday, October 5, 2014

That was fast..

Summer got away from me and so has this blog.  Lots of fishing and family events this year and I just have not had time to do any updating. We have been working on and setting a our cabin in the Sierra so that has consumed thr last couple of months. A few garage sales later and some needed repairs finished and she is looking pretty good I think..

Despite the horrid drought we are in out here in the far west, the fishing has been OK. Obviously more water would be better and many fisheries are suffering or dead but I'm finding fish. 

 As summer closes its time to bring down mother cow & calfs. Same route and range that 5 generations before us have used. It's definitly a throw back in time to be there.,

Justin on point

Strwberry Flat

Herring Cr area. Horses resting

our place

Friday, July 4, 2014


Took advantage of this morning being free and got out for some morning Carp. The low light fishing was pretty decent and I was able to muster 6 or 7 fish with two being on dries.. Last stop is the cement pond in my back yard! Enjoy the holiday.