Sunday, July 26, 2009


We fished San Luis today. Actually the Forebay. Numbers were good and size was to be expected for this time of year and blistering heat. We had good current in a couple of areas today and that was key.

Recent fishing

Nothing special going on here. Carp on brain but the fishing has slowed some on lately. Spending my fishing time restocking and getting boats ready for fall. Heading up to the Sierras in August for a few days of Smallie/Trout fishing and looking for ward to that. Seas have been fishable but I havn't been out in a couple of weeks. Small local trout has been good and the flows are decent this year compared to last summer when there was nothing but a trickle. Seems the springs in the coastal range near me received a decent amout of rain this winter.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back Country

We are so lucky to have such awesome places to spend a long weekend. It is not big fish country but the settings in which you find ridiculous numbers of beautiful little trout are amazing. With that said, the mesquitos sucked. The only thing that worked was to cover up. Everything else was a waste of money.

The better Brook trout were caught from the lakes. Small brookies and rainbows filled the creeks. The bug life was crazy. Hatches last for a couple of hours on the lakes early and late.

The lakes/streams I stayed at were at high up..close to 9k. Nights were in the low 40s and days were in the high 60s low 70s perfect weather except the mesquitos like it too. Maybe thats why I only saw two people the whole time.

All in all a GREAT solo trip.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Downtown Carp

I scouted some new water the other day and it looked promising. Marine layer was thick this morning and didn't lift until after 10am. Got on the creek about 11 and had a couple of shots right off the bat. Both refused. Ended up getting two or three more quality shots and they all refused a ssmall Eagans stand up type bonefish fly that has been so good on this creek more up stream. Water is real clear and low. Droped down to 6lb flouro and switched to a Hex Nymph fly called "Carp Hex". First time I have fished this fly and they seemed to like it. It has a nice slow fall and rides hook up not picking weeds or hang up moss much for a lead eye bug. Its easy to see and fishes like a much lighter fly. I like it. The picture of fly does not represent it well. Go here if you want to see what it looks dry.

So anyway, that fly did the the trick. Next shot grabed and broke me off on the first looooong run. Thats happened a lot to me lately and is really pissing me off. I get rewarded with another shot and it pounced the hex fly like the first, and we were off and running again. Everything stayed together this time and it was a nice fish about 5lbs. A super strong fish for the size. These particular fish are in the spawn mode and tough to feed. Not to mention the steep banks and growth makes it tough to put it on em. Spotted a Nice Goldfish tailing but would not look at anything I cast.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monterey Bay

I started to load and hook up my skiff at 4am this morning. After some though I decided to rent a skiff in Santa Cruz. It's so easy and affordable it's ridiculous. No hassle and BS the Santa Cruz launch ramp is famous for on holiday weekends.

The morning started out shrowded with a heavy marin layer that broke about noon into a post card perfect day. Wind stayed down and I didn't head to the barn till 2:45.

I finally caught my first ling on a fly. A youngster of about 13in. Two casts later I set into a fish with some shoulders and this one becomes my second ling. A nice 29 in fish. Lots of fun on an 8wt. I caught both of them and a few other specie casting paralell to kelp beds with a 350gr shooting head. Grabs came from 10-12' of water over 20. Bait was thick all morning.

I also spent some time throwing big hammer swimbaits for Halibut. I missed one bite and caught a few other fish including 3 Vermillion. I only saw one halibut caught today. It was nice fish about 15lbs a skiff close to me landed on bait.

I might head back in the morning and hit the beach for stripers in the early am before the crowds wake up.