Monday, August 17, 2009

River Smallies

Fished about a 15 mile stretch of River yesterday. Hot but not to bad. Fishing was consistant but quality bittes were tough to get. I got a few nice smallies though. Lots of boat traffic to contend with but the out of the way places wer nice and peacfull.

Stampede Reservior

Spent three days flogging the water there. Mornings were spent on the lake and afternoon on the Little Truckee River. The lake treated me much better. Smallmouth are everywhere but I couldn't get any more then 2lbs. Ridiculous numbers of 11-13 in Smallies though. I focused on ultralight jigging for Kokanee Salmon. That went well and I laned several, along with a few small Lake Trout. It was a fun learning experience with those Salmon. Can't wait to go back!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Carp fishing is tough as hell on me lately. Just when I was feeling like a super star they quit cooperating. A couple here and there lately but over all slow. Post spawn and summer temps have kinda slowed the sight fishing down. Small windows and thats it. Stripers on the fly is really good though. Two guys can load the boat on flys. Most are small from 15-24in but fun on light tackle. Wind has been decent on the waters so I can't complain I guess. Couple of shots from Yesterdays solo trip.