Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Freakish looking sheep on the way to the Carp grounds... Carp were a little off and only managed one small scrub. Bass fishing is fantastic right now so I was able to hit another place for some nice Largemouth.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Carp on the fly

A friend and I hit some Carp water today so he could stick his first. Common Carp aren't that common in South Florida so this was a good chance to get out there. Over all kind of tough. They always get a little wierd around the moon but we still managed a pretty good number of fish considering we didn't get started till about 1:30.  Like always, and littereally from coast to coast, I always have a good time on the water with Paul. Maybe we can get a crack on some Stripers before he heads back east.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The best Carp water..

is always the hardest to get at around here. I bush whacked about a half mile through neck high nettles, mustard & thistle to peep a slough that I know holds some decent un pressured fish.  The fishing was fantatic and worth thr trek! A good number of solid fish were landed and I left them after my water ran out. Weather here is in the high 80s right now and will be touching into the 90s in central California in the next few days. Perfect fishing weather! I have a friend coming out from Florida and this will be the place for him to stick his first Carp on the fly.

After the Carp scout I went to the backcountry trail head in the Intercoastal range just east of my house. AKA Diablo Range extends from Mt Diablo south about 100 miles. Its a vast upland wilderness full of life. Summer is hot, dry and did I say hot? This time of year its an emerald green wonderland of oaks and Ponderosa Pine on the ridge tops. Just Beautiful. There are some great Bass lakes pock marked all over but the best ones require multipule day back country camping to get to. Now is the time to do that, I just dont know if I have the drive or time to punch to them this year before the heat sets in.

Almost to the top of the ridge

Oaks are so vibrant this time of year

Interior of the Diablo Range

SW perch. Monterey Bay is off in the distance


Friday, April 19, 2013

Pyramid Lake, Nev

This year I decided to go a little earlier in the Spring than I usually do. My thought process was that I would have a shot at quality vs quantity. Going early is always a crap shoot with the weather, and this trip was no exception with a nasty cold fromnt that came through the day before I was to hit the road. I ended up delaying  one day and went Carpin instead. The cold weather had them hunkerd down on a clear water place I like to fish and I could only feed one fish.  Damn weather!  Go figure..Forecast is for highs in the 90s by Tuesday around here.

 Air temps in the Nevada Desert ranged from 30s to 70 degrees. Things warmed up a little every day and the fishing improived with it. All in all a great solo trip with a good number of shots on Quality Lohantan Cutthrout. I really enjoy getting out there. The high desert is actually a beautiful place and full of life. Pyramid Lake is a magical place and I always look forward to getting up there. Even in the dead of winter which I've dont many times. Maybe there is one more trip before summer this year...We'll see.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Recent fishing...

Carpin is as good as it gets. Good solid average and excellent numbers.  Off to Pyramid in Nevada for a few days.  Really looking forward to this trip.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Short report

Fishing and weather continues to be perfect. Mid 70s during the day and mild nights. A few days of rain recently has everything emerald green around here.  Word is we will be in the 80s by tuesday. I like that!! Looked at some new water today. Carp were all over the place and the average was good with most fish in the 10-12 class.