Friday, April 19, 2013

Pyramid Lake, Nev

This year I decided to go a little earlier in the Spring than I usually do. My thought process was that I would have a shot at quality vs quantity. Going early is always a crap shoot with the weather, and this trip was no exception with a nasty cold fromnt that came through the day before I was to hit the road. I ended up delaying  one day and went Carpin instead. The cold weather had them hunkerd down on a clear water place I like to fish and I could only feed one fish.  Damn weather!  Go figure..Forecast is for highs in the 90s by Tuesday around here.

 Air temps in the Nevada Desert ranged from 30s to 70 degrees. Things warmed up a little every day and the fishing improived with it. All in all a great solo trip with a good number of shots on Quality Lohantan Cutthrout. I really enjoy getting out there. The high desert is actually a beautiful place and full of life. Pyramid Lake is a magical place and I always look forward to getting up there. Even in the dead of winter which I've dont many times. Maybe there is one more trip before summer this year...We'll see.

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David Romanillos said...

Great words, great trout & carp