Sunday, May 31, 2015

San Francisco Bay on foot...

I have been picking apart the East and South Bay the last few years from my skiff and also on foot. The fishing opportunities are 100% tide related from either. We had a good tide about noon so I figured I would hit a couple of jey spots and then go looking for Carp. First beach adjecent to a tidal creek had birds and Stripers pushing bait in tight. Lot's of life is the key. unbenounced to me were nice Halibut as a bonus. Halibut, being a flat fish are increadibly fast and predatory. They will eat anything. Suprisingly fast!! First fish smoked me and I never saw it. It came unbuttoned about 75ft out. It short lined me about 15 ft off the sand and I thought it was a large Striper but it was more then likely a big Hali. Tons of bait held the fish in casting range for a while and then they would cycle back through. I fished the last of the incoming and the outgo until the flsats were to skinny to hold fish. I looked for tailing Leapord Sharks, which I do see from time to time but nada. I called it with 2 Halibut and about 10 Stripers landed. Excellent day! Stopped off at funky little place for a burger in Berkley and headed home. Great day on the Bay!

One Carp was spotted on the Bay...

California Halibut

Marin, across the Bay

looking forward to this!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I usually under no circumstances fish the major holidays. It is a guaranteed CF. This past Memorial Day weekend was a rare exception. A really good front moved through and pounded the area around my cabin in central Sierra for most of Saturday. Heavy rain and hail had a lot of the weekend campers scrambling. Poor weather, wind and a little color on the streams is exactly what I like. I punched into a remote section that was a vacant of people. Roads were snotty going in but I found complete solitude and an excellent streamer bite as the skies cleared. All in all a great weekend! All the work I had planned to do around the cabin will have to wait a week or two but that's OK.

Wild Iris


Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Carp...

I don't want to bore the 3 people (including me) that read these reports with another Shad photo but that's all I got! Ha  Shad are still in good numbers.  I saw a guy leave with a few for the table. They were on a stringer for hours and not bled. I cannot imagine that they would be good table fare but what do I know. You better like fish that's all I can say.  Hit a spot by chance to see if any Carp were home and low and behold a really nice fush was working it's way up the shoreline at a good clip. I scrambled to grab my gear and get down a steep cobble bank..She pounced and rocketed about 30 ft into my backing qucik, slamming the shit out of my knuckle in the process.  She was long and lean and pulled like hell with that motor of a tail. Nice bonus fish to wrap up the weekend. Have a good week!

not done yet..


Saturday, May 16, 2015


In my neck of the woods it's excellent for numbers. They are post spawn and aggressive. Finding size takes some doing though. I did come up on a random Koi and I'll be damn if it didn't eat. I don't get to many shots at em so I was stoked. I did stick a nice hard pulling 15lb fish late in the day and it was an excellent way to close it out. Traversing through Silicon Valley wasn't nearly as fun..


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

American Shad

I wait for this all year and so far it is starting off excellent!