Saturday, May 16, 2015


In my neck of the woods it's excellent for numbers. They are post spawn and aggressive. Finding size takes some doing though. I did come up on a random Koi and I'll be damn if it didn't eat. I don't get to many shots at em so I was stoked. I did stick a nice hard pulling 15lb fish late in the day and it was an excellent way to close it out. Traversing through Silicon Valley wasn't nearly as fun..



Mark Kautz said...

Silicon Valley is never fun to drive through. I avoid it as much as possible.

Erik said...

I need to get out this week. Few weeks ago uvas had some nice cruisers but while getting ready bass fishers spooked them and they never came back. Day before fatherinlay took a pic of a 20+ school on the right side of the road. Still working out how to fish with my 10 month old.

Might have to get info on the shad before I move out of the area next year.