Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Carp...

I don't want to bore the 3 people (including me) that read these reports with another Shad photo but that's all I got! Ha  Shad are still in good numbers.  I saw a guy leave with a few for the table. They were on a stringer for hours and not bled. I cannot imagine that they would be good table fare but what do I know. You better like fish that's all I can say.  Hit a spot by chance to see if any Carp were home and low and behold a really nice fush was working it's way up the shoreline at a good clip. I scrambled to grab my gear and get down a steep cobble bank..She pounced and rocketed about 30 ft into my backing qucik, slamming the shit out of my knuckle in the process.  She was long and lean and pulled like hell with that motor of a tail. Nice bonus fish to wrap up the weekend. Have a good week!

not done yet..



Mark Kautz said...

It's my understanding that Shad are boney like Carp. They say that a pressure cooker is the best way to prepare them. Got to make the bones dissolve. Not my kind of fish either.

Gregg said...

None of your carp, shad, or anything else pictures bore me. Good job!


Ryan said...

The coloring on that second shad picture is amazing.

I read every one of your posts, they don't bore me, just inspire me and maybe make me a little bit jealous! haha