Friday, July 4, 2014


Took advantage of this morning being free and got out for some morning Carp. The low light fishing was pretty decent and I was able to muster 6 or 7 fish with two being on dries.. Last stop is the cement pond in my back yard! Enjoy the holiday.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

random fishing..

I haven't really been focused on one place or specie. I got caught up on the Shad so Carp took a back seat.  Another Shad run has come to end for me. It was a lack luster year but I did have a couple of  decent days.

I've been jumping around to other stuff but I always seem to complete the circle with more Carpin.  Carp on the fly is excellent for numbers. Little tougher to find quality fish but they are around and will eat if you stay after it. No really big fish but good numbers of 10-14# lb class Carp. Especially the tidal fish. Really hot hard fighting fish. Some of those 12-14 class fish are a hand full and just do not quit. One of my attractions to them I reckon. That and the one or two seconds when everything connects. Can't imagine not chasing them. 

Lots of these guys around. Fun but..

On the other trash fish front. Big Squaw fish are plentiful in skinny water and are challenging. Great eats and the bigger fish in current will battle you on light sticks. Not to many give a shit about them but they are missing out on some fun fly fishing. The bigger fish are in the 24-28" range in my parts.

26" Pike Minnow

Of coarse bass, Stripers and inshore coast fishing is good! Good number of Stripers in the surf but I just have not had the drive to hit the beach. Maybe soon, maybe not. I prefer Skiff fishing the ocean on this part of the Pacific. To be honest I feel more safe. The ocean here is big and dangerous and beach fishing is not for everyone.

That's about it for now. Have a great 4th of July.