Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning Bows

In an effort to ger out for some fresh air, my brother and I hammered some nice rainbows on streamers..Merry Christmas folks!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall fishing..

It has been forever since I have reported any fishing..Ive been on the water as much as I can. Carp on the fly was hit and miss with so much low water. Some areas that have been great over the years are completely dry so I have had to adjust and look elsewhere. Over all a pretty good year.

A large Prussian Carp from last week!

Spent much of the fall streamer fishing for Browns and Local Saltwater. Again, our streams were pretty bony but I found a few areas that were consistent. I didn't get a big brown like I wanted but it wasn't for the lack of trying. I put some serious time in and learned a lot in the process. Several fish in the 20" class with the average fish being in the 14-16" range but I was looking for a big bite. Switching over the lakes now so who knows..It can still happen!

Saltwater has been fantastic. Southern Cal species moved up to the Central Coast with the warm El Nino currents and it was hands down one of the funnest years that I can remember. Lots and lots of Bonito on the fly. Barracuda are here and the Bluefin were with in sight of land. It was awesome. I didn't get a BFT but gave it a strong effort!

Have a great Thanksgiving and go fishing when you can!

Pacific Bonito

Ocean Whitefish on fly

Blue Rockfish are usually high in the water coulumne and love flies. Every cast type fishing
when you find a big school. Excellent eating too!

Baby Ling on fly

Blue Rockfish

Canary Rockfish

Olive Rockfish

Ocean Striper


Monterey California waterfront

Saturday, July 25, 2015

July fishing..

I don't seem to have enough time to keep up with fishing reports here so I will commit to one or two post's a month, We are in the dog days of summer fishing wise....Summer Carpin has been decent. Been fishing more inland on larger reservoir's.  Really enjoy wading the large clear flats. Challenging, but lots of fun if the blistering heat isn't to bad. 

San Francisco Bay has been fantastic for ocean run Stripers. Also getting a few shots on tailing Sharks but have yet to feed one a fly. It will happen though! Great access and almost no anglers in the areas Ive been spending my time.

Wade fishing the lower sections of the west slope rivers is good fun for warm water species. Carp, Sunfish, Squawfish, Smallies etc..Light sticks make it interesting. You never know what you will run into. I cut across a piece of river bank and came up on a small heard of water Buffalo. Seemed like docile creatures but I didn't mess with em either. Later the same day I got this shot of a very nice Tule Elk..

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June fishing..

has been consistent so far. Both local and in the Mt's. I am going to transition to ocean fishing for a few weeks. We have warm El Nino water up our way and that usually brings some interesting fishing on our coast. Carp on the fly is excellent for numbers but I'm just not seeing the larger fish. I'm curious if the drought may have something to do with the disappearance of the older mature fish? I had a couple of days at the cabin so I jumped over the pass and spent the day at Crowley Lake on the east side , messing with the Sacramento Perch and trout.  Perch were stacked and they were all really good size. Lots of small Bows, nice Brookies and one really nice Brown on our side of the range.

Happy fathers day!

Sonora Pass

Crowley Lake, Ca

Sacramento Perch

Mono Lake,Ca

Bridgeport, Ca

Brookie hole

crasy numbers of juvinal 3-4lb fish

Handfull of better fish in the 8-12lb class