Tuesday, December 23, 2014

About time ...

We have had some real rain.  Long way to go but a great start to a comeback from years of sub par rain and snow. Its been a really mild winter so far in the coastal region where I live.  Carp on the fly is as good as it gets with all the rain fall we have had.  They are comfortable and eating well.  Especially tidal/ estuary fishing.  A buddy and I got out for a couple of hours and we had plenty of shots on shallow fish on a cloudy tough sky day. With some sun we would have  smoked em.

We will see where this winter takes us but I am hopefull. I went hiking around in the Santa Cruz Mtns near home and it was as beautiful as it gets for Northern California.  Even saw a few small steelhead in the pools.

Have a great Holiday!


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Mark Kautz said...

Happy Holidays, Dave.