Monday, March 18, 2013

Random fishing..

Striper and Largemouth fishing is really good just about anywhere you go. Carpin is on fire for small fish and one can really rack up some numbers of fish on the mud flat's. Bigger fish are around but usually show in better numbers after the first big waves of scrubs pull out of the spawning areas. Some areas are choked with spawners but there is plenty of legit shallow water feeders to cast too and they will eat drys really well right now.


David Romanillos said...

Really it is.

Gregg said...

Love to see you catch those grassies!


David McKenzie said...

Gregg, the only places around here with Grass Carp is on a few golf courses. I wish they were more accessible. I believe there are a few places in So Cal where there is opportunity but nothin close. Do you have them there in ID?

Gregg said...

I mistook a picture it seems. We have them everywhere and the IDFG has increased the places they are stocked. Tough, very tough to fool for me.