Monday, March 4, 2013

Dry as a bone..

here boys and girls. We need some damn rain, and we need it bad. The hills are crunchy and a spark will light the place up with hardly any new green anywhere to be found.  Carp are happy though! A few places I went were choked full of small fish all over the place. Some feeding,  a few early spawners and some just layed up in the sun waiting for an Osprey to pick em off. Which I saw twice!  Fishing right now is solid and on places like I went yesterday and  you can really rack some numbers and have a ball on small fish if one is stealthy. I actually like going in those areas with small sticks and catch a bunch. If you blow a shot there is always another. It doesn't take the place for quality fish by any means but it definitly has and attraction to me. Sort of like small stream fishing I guess. With the lack of rain the water is gin clear and they travel in schools of a dozen or more fish with some pushing small bait fish up into the shallow cuts and weed banks.  A good one is a 6-8ler but the fun is huge. 


Gregg said...

Yes, you need the rain. Fought fire in your neck of the woods once, could get hairy. But, the fishing looks like one to take advantage of.


David McKenzie said...

Iwere finally getting some de net rain right now. We haven't. Had any measurable percipitation since December so its a god send. Fires here are dangerous as you know but I'm hoping the rain will continue for a while

Valeria said...

This is cool!