Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Stripers

Got a bit of a late start as I had some much needed boat work to do. My plan was to detail my Bass Boat and at the very least pull my skiff out and give it a quick clean up. After the first boat was cleaned and organized I said, self , do the skiff another day and go fishin. It's been months since I really dug into rod lockers and deck storage. I must have found 150 bucks worth of stuff I have purchased since. Not staying organized can be costly.

Got on the water about 11am. Light winds and few folks on the water. I hadn't been on the water looking for reservior Stripers since July. Water levels have dropped about 20ft since then and I noticed a pretty bad Algea bloom goin too in some areas. Spent some time just looking around graphing shallow and deep and settled up on some sparse bait and a few marks I though might be Stripers. Cought fish pretty quaickly, size was on the small side so we  moved on.

Air temps were right around 100 on the water. When the wind completely died it was scortching. Fishing continued on and we scratched 8 or 10 fish.  Got out of there about 5. A fun but short session.

Milton hooked up

Baby Strip

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