Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Carp'n

This has been a great summer with the higher than normal water and rich flooded grass flats. It's been fun so far. I didn't see as many today but the quality was decent with one fish in the 10lb class. Air temps were in the high 80s, low 90s and the fish I did see were busy.  They also seemed to be bunched up a little and tailing in pairs up to three or four fish.  Fishing should remain good right on thru the end of November. After that, its really hit and miss unless we get a two or three day stretch  of nice warm weather. With our really mild winters in this area, I had pretty good fishing the first week of January this year so if there hasn't been a bunch  rain, it always pays to look in the winter months.

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Carlos Rubio said...

Hi David, huge carps ! , Here in Segovia (SPAIN) the carps are not very busy in august, it is warm. We are waiting for September, is one of the best moments, the cold is coming soon and carps are more activ , looking insects on surface.
good fishing.