Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carp on the fly..

Checked two or three places and decided on a local lake close to home. The other places I checked seemed to have the same fish doing the same thing, except they have much higher water levels that can make access to good water almost impossible until the levels drop a few feet and expose some good productive flats.

Over all I had to work for everything today. Fish were tailing around clam beds out of range when I arrived about noon. I started seeing singles here and there as the day went on.. No grabs the first couple of hours but kept at it and scored three legit eats. One motored down on the fly and I blew it, the other two were small but I'll take em! They were good strong fish for there size so it was ok by me. With flats so stained/muddy an all black bugger was the only thing I had confidence in, and it worked out in the end.

Clams are definitly part of the Carps diet. Just not sure how to incorporate it into fly fishing for them at this point, or if it will even make a difference. I've seen the Gulls here for years digging up clams, flying over to a paved area and dropping them from about 50-60ft, and them land and eat the broken clam. Prett damn smart.


Small late season spawners in the backs.


Sanders said...

Here carpy carpy...well done! the picture of the Dorado (home page) as well, pretty cool to see how colorful they really are.

John Montana said...

I have been trying to figure out how to catch them on clams too...I know they eat the hell out of them. I think they often take the sjw as the extended foot of a clam. Who knows.

Carlos Rubio said...

nice carp and nice pictures...
Carlos from Spain