Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last couple of days...

have been brutal hot. Yeasterday was scortching on the water! Lots of fish and a great time but baking in the sun is not what I wanted to do two days in a row. Slept in a little, finished up some much needed boat work and headed over to the bay to fish off the rocks. Treasure Island to be exact. Its one of my favorite spots in a heat wave as it's always cool and breezy. The island sits about a mile east of San Francisco right in the middle of the bay.

As expected, the weather was awesome there and about 75!  Fished a couple of Surf Perch holes for a few and cast for Stripers with gear on some great looking water for nada. Inbetween, there were  side shows with cars in the large aboanded Navy Base parking lots going on. At the entrance to the island someone constructed a large Stainless Steal Wire art sculpture. It stands about 40' tall and was pretty impressive to say the least. It was pretty obvious a lot of work went into it! You can read about it here.

cookie cutter Stripers all day on fly.

Another scrub

This bug is killing em!

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