Monday, July 18, 2011


This last moon phase screwed with my striper fishing a little. I was getting a little spoiled with all you want type fishing and had to work for them this time. I knew the large aggressive schools of fish were going to break up as we move into a dog days of summer type pattern eventually. Summer usually consists of wind, wind and a little more wind! Bait has shifted and is spreading out which always repositions the fish. Once we found them, they would eat but it took a while to find a concentration of active fish and they were spread out from the surface to about the 50ft mark. Wind was on order and played hell with casting flies and kept us on our toes trying to find fishable water and off the good off-shore areas for the most part. We finally had enough of that shitty wind and head to the barn with it blowing about 25kt and building quick. We'll get em next time!

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