Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fishin report

Hit the brine yesterday. It was greasy flat all day with almost no swell to speak of. Absolutly gorgeous day on Monterey Bay. Fishing was not too bad either. Was really wanting and hunting for a Halibut but we were kept busy with the Rockfish and it never happen. It was good fun. Amazing amount of life out there. Porpoise and birds were everywhere working over huge schools of Sardines and Mac's. Rockfish are really good eating but since everything we caught was relativly shallow, we released them all. 

Flat seas!

Grumpy Red

Perfect Pacific morning!

Lots of life at the beach on our way in too!

Today I kicked around the idea of hooking up the boat but, eventually decided to do some Carpin instead. Its been a wierd  year so far on the Carp front for me. I'm sure it's due to the strange ass weather we've had all season. I've had short bursts of really good fishing with some nice fish thrown in and then long spells where there just isn't any, or very short windows of, active flats fish. Spawners have been around, but I dont mess with em and I'm talking about active tailing and mudding fish. It's just been really inconsistant as apposed to years past. Anyone else out there seen the same thing?

 Fist lake had bankies all over it so went on a hunch and checked reservior that numbers are usually the deal. Stayed positive but I didn't get my hopes up. I got up on a high point when I first arrived and could see half a dozen shallow tailers and maybe a dozen deeper mudding fish in a football field size area. You know that feeling! I was pretty anxious to get my ass at there level and get to work! Size was average to a little on the small side but I really didn't care. They were agressive and really busy. I only saw one double digit fish tailing and just couldn't get a crack at her.

In my area,  Mid-day in the gut of the summer around these parts is numbers time with lighter 5-6wt sticks. In the 6 hours I had 25-30 shots and stuck 13 so I was pretty satisfied. Some of them would lift there body half out of the water to get on that bug! Can't buy that kind of fun. I left them eating and might just have to go back tommorow.

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Silverking Lodge said...

Those are some amazing pictures of those fish. I have never seen anything quite like it. Thanks!