Sunday, June 30, 2013

The slightest..

of breeze made it actually doable this morning. Yesterday was 104-106 around here. That just plain sucks but like I said, today wsn't to bad and there is a nice evening coatal wind to sort of chill things a little tonight.

Anyway, yesterday we saw a few Glossy Ibis in one area so I wanted to go back with a longer lense and see if I could pull them in. Of coarse today they wouldn't come with in 100'!. At first light I was able to get a couple of looks but shooting freehand made it tough. I wanted to fish and just couldn't bring a tripod and rod so it is what it is. One low light shot and another sighting of a Glossy Ibis later in the morning were the only two shots I could muster. But, I did stick a few fish. Smaller fish were around and I got a shot at big cruiser mid morning and everything came together.  It was a great eat and my best of the year, and certianly one of my largest Carp on a fly. Carp in mid to high 20s are not easy to feed a fly around here. Hell, they arent easy to find period so I was pretty stoked.


Gregg said...

Sweet! Very nice carp! We have a few white faced ibis, never seen a glossy. Of course they were contary when you expected better.


David McKenzie said...

White faced are much more common around here for sure. They look almost identical TI glossy except for a few subtle color variation and juvinals are impossible distinguish from one apiece to the next.

testflycarpin said...

A man of many interests eh? Seems like you should chase birds more often, it brought some pretty sweet luck for the carp.