Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All work and ..

little play the last week. My fishing has been broken into segmants the last week with small windows to get out. Mostly hitting Trout and Carp.  Rainbows have adjusted to the change in flows and I have not. Oce I figure out where they went they will be in trouble. Carp on the fly has been excellent for small skinny water fish. Couple of good ones here and there but nothing to brag about really. The lake fish are super strong for there size but more suited to a 5wt in my opinion to maximize the fun. I  hit one of those places after an appt this afternoon and the flats were loaded with small hungry post spawn fish like the one pictured.  They will run down flies right now since they are really keyed into eating fry.  Milton also got a nice little fish too. Other than that, it's summer fishing around here. Time to hit the Salt or the Sierra's while there is still some water.

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Atlas said...

Great blog, just checked out several posts going back a year or two and very impressed. Will keep reading.