Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recent fishing

It's been pretty hot around here lately! The forcast is for more of the same with a string of triple digit days on the way.  Rainbows will eat but stream temps have jumped and i'm leaving them alone for now.  Highlight is Ken Hanley and I got out this morning for a shart Carp session.  It was already pushing 90 at 10am with not a breat of wind. We had caught a good number of fish so we made the long 2 mile trek back to the truck. They were eating well but seemed to be on the lazy side and we didn't see or catch anything bigger than 6-7lbs. It ws a lot of fun and I enjoyed spending some time out there with Ken. His website is on my links. Check out his video's, he does some nice work. Have a good 4th!


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