Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today's Carpin

Ive staked out a couple of lakes that have had a few really nice fish moving around. It hasn't been easy to feed these fish. They are hyper aware of there surroundings and there isn't any shore line cover what so ever. That and the Gin clear water makes it pretty challenging. Yesterday was completely void of Carp. I didn't see any in four hours. A good number of bass cruising around though. This morning I started on a muddly little backwater pond/slough thats close by and had a nice shot on one of those fan tail carp. Not a big fish but I stalked it for a little while before it finally spooked.

From there I went back to the lakes and saw one fish working a steep shoreline. I just couldn't a get a good angle on her, so I kept moving around looking at small flats adjecent to deep water breaks.   I could see some deep mudders out in probobly 8ft of water out of casting range, so I kept checking back for a shallow fish. They will move onto the small flats for short windows right now and it takes a little luck to be in the right place at the right time. I ended up with another hammer knocker fish that was trailing a bigger fish. I think the lead pig sensed me and slowly drifted off into green water and left him coming at me.  I put the fly on him and we were off to the races. I love seeing those clear water fish eat and go through the head shkes before bolting off the flat. It's so killer and NEVER gets old.

Geese were coming in off a near by field in bug numbers.
I just noticed what looks like a pair of Lessers in the mix.
It does not help the fishing with this many crashing in
like float planes.
 Ive noticed some are big bellied heavy fish and others long and lean. Like 3ft long! It seams the leaner fish are following those heavy females laiden with eggs. I'm wondering now if these are just big lean Male carp? They are a good ways off of spawing but they have started to get in a sort of pre spawn mode. I saw two fish today in deeper water that would go 25# easy. They just wont get in range to put a fly on them. Today was blue bird brilliant skies and pretty warm and I noticed a few bugs going off but only had two shots on a couple of big ol ropey Carp but I'll take it!  I will say despite there lean condition they are bullets and will bolt half way accross the damn lake in seconds! Super strong. I'm going to give the Carp a rest for a couple of weeks with only short weekday outings to keep them honest. It's time to hit some Largemouth and Stripers. I also want to get out and do a C&R Sturgeon trip on the bay. Fishing out there has been pretty good.

Slim Jim 


Erik said...

You had better luck then I. I am local and saw your white gost carp today (thought it was a bag) and a pod came by. I tried a carp carrot, green soft hackle, and a beaded nymph. Got some curious looks but no takes. Need tie some black buggers I think. Keep it up I enjoy seeing all your success.

David McKenzie said...

Hey Erik,

Are we talking about the white Koi i posted Bout? If its the same place, you were throwing the right flies. It usually boils down to presentation bud. Shoot me an email and we,ll talk fishin.


Gregg said...

That is seriously neat, pre spawn fish! I doubt the 30" lean fish were males, only because I've seen females followed by 10" fish and rarely one their size. But what do I know? You are like 2 months ahead of me for pre spawn, lucky you.