Saturday, February 2, 2013

Carp skunk..

I had a half day to work with so I made the best of it with an afternoon Carp session. Went back to the fish from yesterday and couldn't get anything going. Hazy skies made it tough to spot them and then track them when I did. After a couple of hours I decided it would better to just leave them alone instead of spooking the whole dam school and come back when I can see them. I decided to go scout a couple of near by areas. First pond I went to was dead. No life at all but it has some nice Mirrors so I stuck around for a good hour. Nada. They just weren't around. Next place I went is two lakes seperated by a levee road. One of them is about 10 acres the other about half that. Water levels were low and water was clean. I have fished here before and caught some nice fish but it has always been kind of stingy and I havn't messed with them in Feb. Here is a photo of one from this place two or three years ago in late March.
There is almost no cover here and you have to be sneaky since you are totally exposed to the fish so I stayed way back and walked the North East areas of both lakes with the thought that I would find the warmer water this time of year and saw nothing. While walking around the west side of the larger of the two I spoted one then two and then a couple of trios working the shoreline. All of them were quality fish with a couple in the high 20s maybe more. I put a fly on three fish wih no response. Didn't spook or blow out, just didn't do anything. That last shot which was a slob of a fish swam around the 8# flouro leader like I was casting 30lb mono. My plan was to splash the boat and go after some Stripers in the morning but I think I'll put that on hold and get back over and spend some time targeting these fish. I'll have my work cut out and will have to make a couple of adjustments but I love casting to big active fish. I love sight fishing alone but this one time I wouldn't mind having a second set of eyes and brains from a skilled Carper to fish with in the morning. Here is a shot of a really big fish just before dark.


Gregg said...

Love it, all of it. Can't wait to hear how you did later!


Carlos Rubio said...

Nice carp,

Unknown said...

David Hi.

I'm really into carp right now, so will link and follow.

Call in a see me when you can?

David McKenzie said...

Will do Richard. Thanks for compliments.

Unknown said...

Enjoying the carp posts man. Keep huckin' at 'em.