Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Stripers on the fly and light tackle is about on par for mid February. Cold water temps and lethargic fish make it somewhat challenging, but the real issue is wind. I'm having hard time getting on the water between the wind lately. We have had some dry cold fronts that come down from the north and Stripers just don't like them this time of year. Between those fronts is pretty solid for numbers when you find bait and active fish. This past trip was tough. Big moon, post front and 15kt wind. All the reasons to stay away but I was able to scratch up a dozen fish. The key is finding bait.  I dead stick slow falling flies through the bait and will often let the bug hit the bottom in 25-35'. And with a slow steady strip strip pause they will grab on occasion. I like this time of year since the next grab could be the one. Big fish will be just about anywhere so you just never know. I caught a 22lber This past January that came off a small point and ate in 10 feet of water. So, covering the the water is important and good electronics is a must for consistancy. Most the fish right now are 18-24in class but good sport!

lake is down about 60-70'

Carpin has been pretty good around these parts. Pretty good in Feb is 0-3 fish a session. Im fishing two-three hour windows at a time during the best light and moving around to several bodies of water all over the south bay.


John said...

I envy your open water. Things will melt here soon.

Way to get after em.

Juan said...

12 fish, that's a good day, brother! what lake is this?

Fish Whisperer said...

Persistance pays!

Bil said...

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