Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's Carp

Winter Carp on the fly has been hit and mis since early December with a small handfull of days when they are really happy. Thing is that they WILL eat so I've been keeping after them. Especially on a nice warm day like today. I had three shots in the first 20 min and stuck the third fish. It pounced and it all came together nicely. When they come up tight in the winter months they aren't particulary fussy, they just have to have it right in there face and will not tolerate the slightest mistakes, noisey entry or even foot steps near by so refusals are the norm. This one, and all of the others the last couple of months ate a simple #8 brown bugger. Today was in the low 70's and there were several extreme shallow fish. Those are cool to watch but aren't always the easy ones to fool this time of year so I was pretty stoked!


Gregg said...

Nice fish of course! 70's in row with fish rooting like that, not until late April consistently here, or a bit later. Good, pleased for you.


testflycarpin said...

When that fish grows into it's tail its gonna go mid twenties...Do you think it is skinny because of the winter or are they a little over-populated in that pond....or is the picture just messing with me.

Unknown said...

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David McKenzie said...

That fish lean Trevor. They slim down in the winter and I would guess a fish that size would put on a few lbs over the summer. It could also be an over pop problem being the reason for the winter weight loss too. Really strong clean fish but your right, it is on the thin side.