Sunday, September 2, 2012

River Smallmouth

Fished about 10-12 miles of river wih my brother yesterday. Really peacfull day on the water despite it being holiday weekend.  Plenty of guys out after Salmon, and we saw a few caught. I cast a fly for Salmon every chance I had for nada.  I'll be back after the Slamon on fly very soon.  We both caught Smallies, Largemouth, Spotted Bass and Striped Bass. A Salmon would have been nice to complete the slam. Weather was perfect!!!!

Some of the Side channels and connecting sloughs off the main river are lined with some beautiful riparian jungle. Loads of bird life, River otters and fish. Nice quiet place to fish and get out of the hot mid day summer sun.

Sun up to sun down!


Mark Kautz said...

Somewhere around Rio vista?

Fish Whisperer said...

That first shot is awesome. Who needs salmon with what you caught.
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