Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fat Carp

The reservior Carpin sucks right now. Ridiculous amount of tailing and mudding fish but I just can't get them to go. They do this every late summer for about 6 weeks.  An all day effort will usually give up one or two fish but I'm not going to roast my ass off out there for so few grabs so I'm focusing on the moving water carp till things pick up. Clean water shots on quality fish that want to play. Right off the bat I had a good one eat and blister off about 50" feet upstream to a weed matt. Let up on the fish in hopes she would pull out of there and she went about another ten feet deeper and knitted a sweater out of my leader around a bunch of shit. nice fish lost and I got a bit rattled. Put a fly on a second fish and was on the board with healthy 6lber.. Third and last eat of the morning was a sick grab about 25 ft off the rod tip. Fish fought hard but wanted to go toe to toe in open water and I prevailed! I bailed after hitting a couple of more holes and went to look at lake fish. That was a the first sentance.

River fish are chewing on this fly right now

Dan Blanton and I got out for a Striper fix yesterday. Got on the lake to the sounds of Bull Elk screaming and rounding up there fall harem. Weather was nice in the high 80s low 90s and the wind wasn't too bad at all for a change. We worked for all our fish and ended up with about 15 or so. Not much size on this day but I had a hell of a good time and enjoyed spending the day with him on his skiff. Looking forward to doing it again. Here are a couple of photos Dan took.


Carlos Rubio said...

Nice carp !! Congratulations !!

Carlos, from Spain

Gregg said...

Good all the way around! looks like Whitlock's Near 'Nuff Sculpin for the carp. Nice with Dan, cool.