Monday, September 17, 2012

Skinny water Stripers

Carp have been off the last week. Hit them on Thursday and blanked. They just seemed edgy and not in the mood to play. I gave them a little break and decided to look for new friends. Spent the day in the baking 100 degree heat chasing Stripers up on clear water flats and was able to coax a few into eating. They have an increadible sense of movement. Casting to open lanes and a fast strip with a slow sinking I line was all it took for them to come out of nowhere and crush it. Lots of fun in the clear water.  Also saw some Carp nudging damsels so it was a double productive day in that I will be back very soon with some trickery for those fish!

Welcom to the jungle



Gregg said...

That looks like fun. Good luck with the carp, slowing down on my big water I have found. Ponds still fine.


BorneoAngler said...

Beautiful fish!!
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Fish Whisperer said...

I have never caught a striped bass.
You photos are great, what camera are you using?
Tight Lines