Sunday, August 26, 2012

Take a look..

 at this fancy goldfish x common carp I caught on fly today. Funny thing is , I have seen this fish around this section for about 3 or 4 years now. Its growing about about 3 or 4in a year since I first saw her. This was the first time I had ever had a good shot at it up shallow and feeding though. It had some odd, Mirror like scale patterns on both sides too. I always thought that if I ever feed it a fly that those big waving fins would certianly handicap it but not so..This fish pulled like a son of a bitch and pulled out all the tricks with Concrete chunks, wood, weeds, current and undercut banks. With the shitty access I had it was quit the ordeal landing this damn fish. Suprisingly fast and agil for such an odd creature too!!  I'm guessing 12-14lbs..a really thick healthy fish.

Here is another shot ...Fish ate an Egans Headstand

Dragon flies are thick right now

Hit this milky blue pond today for two good shots. Blew both!
Yesterday a good friend and I went north about an hour and half. Floated a lower slow moving section of river in kick boats and cast streamers for nada. Pulled out and wade fished farther up stream for a good number of bites nymphing on into the evening. I lost a very repectable Bow! I'm not much of a nympher but I had a blast! We caught a number of pretty little wild Coastal Bows and I ate about a pound of wild berries. It was an interesting morning! Looking forward to getting back up there!


John Montana said...

Love that fish...awesome! I am jealous...

David Knapp said...

Really nice fish there! I'm always impressed with the variety of fishing you have available. Carp one day and little wild 'bows the next...pretty awesome!

Gregg said...

That fish is too cool! I can't help but wonder if it is a mutant carp or koi/carp cross or mutant mirror, which I quess is a gene trait antway. I'm jealus also!


Carlos Rubio said...

Hi... Nice carp, congratulations !!
Carlos, fron Spain