Friday, October 14, 2011

Surf & Slurp Carpin

Enticed my wife to hit the beach this morning. Low 80s and just beautifull out. I already had the beach in mind. It is unique in that it is walking distance to decent Carp fishing. She went onto the sand and I made about 100 paces into one of only a couple of access points. Patience is the key here. You cant move around and have to let them come to you and take your roll cast shots as you get them. Forget a back cast and it's just get it on them. They are pretty forgiving of errant casts since they recieve little to no pressure. I had two shots in an hour and they both slurped up the bugs.  I then walked across the road, found where me lady had staked out a prime spot and took a nap on the beach over looking Monterey Bay. Don't kids have school anymore? Seemed like there used to be less ''people" out on weekdays in October to kick sand on your shit. Or, maybe i'm just getting older and grumpy. Anyway, some good family time.

Odd Ant Eater looking fish

Flat Seas right there

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Mark Kautz said...

I've never had much tolerance for kids and as I get older, I have even less.