Monday, October 3, 2011

Alaska Images

I really packed a lot of photos on a 9 meg card. So many, that it will take some time before I can go through them all. Lots of fish photos, landscape shots and just general shutter bug stuff. Anyway, here are a few more misc shots and then I'll call it quits for a while. One can tell we had a good time, at least I know I did. I would really like to get back up there soon. Like tommorow if I could. I'm preping the boat and getting ready for another trip to North Eastern California. Lake Almanor in Plumas County to be exact. I'm looking forward to this trip immensley. An awesome part of the state with beautiful Browns, bows and Smallies. SHould be a lot of fun. Were getting an early warm fall rain now for the first time this year.



Gisa said...

Nice shots! Congrats!
Kisses from Brazil

Mark Kautz said...

A beautiful area around Almanor. You're going to love it.