Friday, October 14, 2011


Great trip! Slower fishing than I had invisioned but I had a blast. Trout was fair. I had some great chances and short windows of good fishing for both Browns an Rainbows. I really went with ntentions of really targeting the Browns. I've become facinated with them and really want to stick a beast on fly, and I want it on my own. It will happen, but it wasn't going to be this trip. I have a feeling I might be on the wrong lake for a giant but I love the variety here. Anyway, Browns were hard too find and harder to get them to eat when I did I find a few.  I found an area pretty quick with numbers of Browns busting smelt the first day. Got a couple to grab right away and I was optimistic going in. Forecast was for a front and I was even more excited. The front rolled through and that was all she wrote, the bait was gone, and so were they.

End the end I found a few individule fish and also  had a quality fish saw me off, and another nice fish come unbuttoned mid way through the battle. So, I had my chances on good fish, I just didn't get it done.  As it turned out, this trip ended up being about Smallies. A nice handfull of quality fish. Average fish was over three pounds and I had one that was over 5. It was 3-5 Smallmouth a day if you fished hard. Not red hot fishing by any means. To me, the quality made up for the lack of numbers.   All in all a great trip and it was awesome to have my wife there on this one. We got to catch up and relax a bit.

A hazy shot of Mt. Shasta

Early Morning Smallie


5Lb+ Smallie on the fly!

Storm brought the big girls up shallow

Mt Lassen


Mark Kautz said...

Doesn't look like such a bad trip to me. Besides, it's a great lake, even if you're not fishing.


David McKenzie said...

Yeah, its a great place to hang out Mark. I always stay at Plumas Pines Resort. Quiet, nice little cabins in the woods with a Kitchen and dog friendly. They even have 4 channels on the TV. It closes in October except for maybe lunch on the weekends but the Cafe there in Ptatville has some great, almost nfine dinning meals and good bar. Can't really ask for better. There is also good stream fishing and other lakes close. A guy could spend about a month up there easy. I might just have to at some point!