Saturday, September 3, 2011

Skinny Water Carp

Fish were really shallow and skittish today. And, I got my ass handed to me.. It wasn't for the lack of shots. I had ample shots on many good fish and made the vast majority of my chances count. They they just flat wouldn't eat what I was feeding them. I can be stubborn to change flies if I have confidence in in one sometimes a to a fault.

 I started the morning on a local river, and had a total four good shots on nice fish. I got a little caffine jumpy on the first and blew that, but the next three I put it on em.  No looks at all. They had to be keyed in on some micro feast. They were tailing really fast. It didn't leave a lot of time to set up a shot. I actually prefere that., I feel like those fish are more apte to make a mistake.

 Before I bailed on to something more productive, I hole sat one area that will normally have two or three brutes come through. Only one 4lb scrub tailed in and I didn't cast on it after 45min burned but I did get chance to talk to an elderly lbirder. She was really knowledgable and has been at it since the 60s. Enjoyed that.

I Left the River and moved to some lake flats and i'll be dammed if they were a little off too. Not as many fish around asusual. But, the ones that were up were decent quality. Tried force feeding a few for nothing. Switched to a bug with more presence and stuck 7-8lb fish. Good hard fighting youngster!! Shortly, I had one more eat that came unbuttoned when that bitch came at me full bore. Had one more turn and take a stab but wouldn't commit and eventually busted me. That was it, my window was closed. Everything went dead on these flats so I made another move about a mile away. These fish were so damn spooky from what looked like a late night bait fishing camp or bow hunters I just threw in the towel and hiked back to the truck as it was now after 4:00 and my good light was gone. Had planned to hit some small creeks for Bows but I wes pretty fried from 7 hours of walking and stalking I head for the barn. Days like today are what Carp fishing is all about to me. Frustrating but so damn fun. I think i'll go hit some Stripers in the morning and give em rest for a day or two.


Carlos Rubio said...

Nice carp, congratulations !

testflycarpin said...

Thats what its all about half the time...knowing when and where to move on to when it aint working where you are at. Kinda curious, whadya mean by a "bug with more presence"

David McKenzie said...

Yep! What I mean by presence is a fly that moves more water or larger profile. Something they can pick up or feel a little better.