Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carp on the fly today..

Fishing continues to be really good for numbers of 4-7lb Carp. Size is slowly starting to improve with a little better quality fish moving up into skinny water. As the lake levels drop, prime fall flats will become available to sight fish. Right now they are under 6 feet of water. Striper fishing isn't to shabby either with some really good grabs right now including one in the high teens pictured below. Since i'm talking Stripers,  I made a mistake the other day and unintentionally killed a nice Striper. The surface temps are just to danm warm to pull those fish out of the water and I sure as hell know better.  Right now,  It pays to step up the tackle and have the ability to horse em in a little. I tried hard to get that fish down and it was just to exhausted after a long battle in 70+ deg water and 100 deg air temps.  It's not written in stone that every fish we release is going to make it but we have to make good decisions on the fishes behalf wether it's trout, stripers or even carp.  Once in a while we need to be reminded what we already know I guess. The one below was never removed from the water and charged off strong. Handle those warm water catches with care!