Sunday, September 11, 2011

Same stuff, different day

In ran the same routine today. Stripers in the am and Carp on the way home. Wind was in the high 20s so I decided to leave the boat at hame and hoof it to an area I know is holding Stripers. Warm, light rain and humid when I started off the hike. And ofcourse, the wind wasn't bad at all and would have been perfectly fine to launch. It was 10-15kts max. Oh well, the excersize was good and I really enjoy having vast areas to my self like I had today.

Things started a little slow as I walked and covered water. I caught one, then another. I stopped and covered the area really well and for about two hours it was pretty consistant with a mix of fish on the fly and a small plastic minnow bait. Some nice fish in the 6-8lb range. I cast and caught a bunch of fish on new rod. An RS4 Redington 7wt. Nice fast stick and throws sinking lines well. Also has good back bone against hard pulling fish. I''ll be bringing it to Alaska in a couple of weeks. Things got quiet after the small front moved through so I head out and hit a different lake for Carp on the way home. Really shallow muddy flats, as opposed to the sand/gravel/clam shell stuff Ive been fishing. Not nearly as many fish but I was able to trick a couple in a short time. These Carp were really shallow and tailing hard. Good afternoon sun at this place too. I'll be fishing here more in the coming weeks as the quality was pretty nice.

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testflycarpin said...

You are a lucky man. Stripers by morning, carp by afternoon. That is the life! Couldnt get two more different but exciting fish than that in one day.