Tuesday, September 6, 2011

different pace

I bought an old hand me down bamboo 3pc rod a few years ago at a garage sale. I didn't have a vintage reel for it so I just put it away. A couple of years passed by and I seen an old 1930s no name fly reel from the same circa, so I picked it up for a whopping 15 bucks. I pulled both off the shelf and spooled up with a 3wt line and it casts nice on this 7'6" set up. Not sure what wt the rod is. It isn't signed other than some initials and looks to be home made from about the 20s or 30s. Anyway, ive been doing some small creek fishing with it and having a blast throwing my not so pretty dries of my own.

This creek I fished yesterday was said to have a carbonated water spring in the late 1800s that came up when a mine shaft had punctured the main stem and forced the spring to the surface.  Sure enough, there was about 20ft section of the creek with what looked like aquarium stones flowing. Didn't seem to bother the little bows at all.  A little tricky to navigate but lots of little hide outs for the little 6-8" rainbows. Good way to beat the heat.

mouth full

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Mark Kautz said...

Some years ago, I did some gold mining on El Dorado Creek up by Foresthill and it was fed by two old gold mines. The Bullion and the Derby mines. It held a good bit of gold, but I never even thought about fishing it. I bet it would have been good.