Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sun baked

Went inland to find scorching heat and hot water..We launched at day break and threw topwaters for the first couple of hours..Onn decent fish and couple of misses is all I could muster. Some areas was a soup of bait fish. Almost to much. Once the sun was over head I went looking for big Red Ears. They were scarce today. I found a few but the size wasn't what this lake can kick out..Lots of green sunnies around. Pretty little guys. By noon it was in the high 90s and when I pulled the boat out it was 108 in the parking lot. Felt good to get back on this side of the hill where it was only 90!


Mark Kautz said...

T'was toasty in the valley this weekend. We had mid-90's even up at 3200 ft. Didn't look like the day was a complete bust, though.


Albert A Rasch said...


Greta blog and photography! I'll be spotlighting you on my Saturday Blog Rodeo!

Best regards,
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: National Hunting and Fishing Day 9/25/10

Kirk Mantay said...

That bass was ridiculous! I was out (mid-atlantic) yesterday to a spot that I know holds a lot of 3-4 pounders and given the 95 degree air temps, all I ended up with were some mammoth bluegill and over 100 chigger bites, a spider bite, and a kayak covered with algae.

Gotta love August.

Be proud of that bass!