Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back on the bay

With the weather we are having and flat seas it's important to take advantage of the local slatwater fishing right now. I launched at Monterey, Ca and fished from Pebble Beach to the south back to Monterey.. Fishing was good, weather was awesome and the tourists were buzzing around like bees..Fun day. Lots of Blues,Bolinas,Kelp, and Gopher Rock fish today. Market squid were thick and I was able to harvest a couple of dozen for some of the best Calamri tonight!!! They were all 7-9in and perfect size. I also caught lots of baby lings too which is nice to see.

The blue Rock fish were eating small bait fish patterns pretty good and I also used small swinbaits around the kelp beds. With all the squid in town I had high hopes for a White Sea Bass and spent a couple of hours trying but I didn't score one, again. U.S. 53 USCG ship dropped the hook about a half mile off the breakwater so that area was shut off from fishing and may have been why there was so much traffic in town.

I seen a fleet working at the Cayon break and the radio banter suggested there were a few guys catching Salmon. I might poke oput there next time and see if I can get in on that.


Gopher Rock Fish

Kelp Rock Fish

Bolinas Rock Fish


Pacific Grove, Ca

Blue Rock Fish


sebi_2569 said...

superb; bravo

Mark Kautz said...

Wow, the water looked great. Interesting thing about being in the bay area is that, on occasion, can get a peek (that's about as close as you can get) at some of our war ships. Cool stuff.