Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random fishing...

Had a free afternoon yesterday so I spent a few hours chasing carp and finished off looking for a rainbow. Carp were on the flats but difficult to get at with a stiff head on wind. I was able to stick one and blew a couple of shots in two hours..I wouldn't mind spending more time at this lake. I have the west side of the reservior to my self and the fish aren't to shy at all. Size of Carp I spotted was OK but it has potential. After Carping I ended up at local piece of water for a few hours after and it was tough. Hundreds of Canada's with young everwhere on the walk in. Most behaved except for one hen that I had to keep an eye on. I got a feeling she might rush me so I went wide. She had that look.

Like I said, fishing was slow here and I ended up with one 7in Bow and few strangers that look to be Roach or Rudd. Not to sure but defintily the same family of fishes. This is the only place I have ever run into them. I have seen a dead one here that was atleast 3lbs. I caught half a dozen that were all the same size this trip. They like nymphs, and in this case a SJ worm. I might have to do a little research and ID them. Anyway, see ya.


Albert A Rasch said...

Another great post! I am seriously getting jealous of everyone's picture taking! I need to get me a better camera...

Best regards,
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: The Outfitter Chronicles: Scott Croner Part I

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you are a recent follower of my blog. Thank you for following me! My favorite photographs from the series of pictures in this post are the goose head, the baby goose and the sunset in the bottom photograph.

Avenger said...

Nicely done!

I found your blog through Albert up there, and I too find the photography very appealing.

Thank you!
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The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Hello, just joined your site. I like it. The pictures of the carp remind me of the Saginaw Bay in Michingan.

The Average Joe Fisherman