Wednesday, July 7, 2010


aka the "Sea Trout" Funny, no matter where in the world there is a fish known as a sea trout..This is ours.

I love fishing for them. They have to be one of if not the most beautiful fish we have on the west coast. Especially the females but the males pretty cool as well. These fish fish live in the east pacific from the Aleutian Islands to Southern California and like to hang out in kelp beds and inshore hard bottom areas. To me they are a real treat to just look at. They arent particularly hard fighters but they hold there own on light tackle. They eat artificials well and are just freakin cool! I caught these two in Monterey Bay on the same reef..The darker fish is a male and the bright fish is female. It seems like you will go forever with out catching them and run into numbers of them all at once at some point. Some people eat em but I just cant do it.

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Mark Kautz said...

Very colorful. I think I'd find it hard to kill them too. Thanks for the pics.